The form of the pre-order a taxi
Here, the order can be made at least 24H

For taxi booking you may also:


333 4444

333 5555

524 7777



524 7777


Order our taxi through VIBER. Just send your location to the number +372 524 7777 and our operator will answer you within one minute.


Paying for the taxi services  

  • The fare payable by the passenger isindicated by the taximeter reading.

  • If you have booked through our usual taxi operator, and you came Amigo Takso Buss minibus- driver will make a 50% discount, and if the car Amigo Takso Comfort, the driver will make a 20% discount

  • The taxi driver is obliged to give the passenger a receipt with the testimony of the taximeter, printed on a printer (be sure to see it at the end of a trip for receipt printing).

  • If the driver can not issue you a check - you may not have to pay for trip .Calculation with a taxi driver should be carried out in euro.

  • The passenger has the right to refuse to pay the fare if the driver does not provide a printed receipt or if the taxi car does not have a taximeter with printer. Taxi drivers are prohibited from serving any passengers if the taximeter or printer is not working or is broken.

  • The passenger must pay the fare displayed by the taximeter if the taxi driver gives the passenger a printed receipt.

  • If the destination is outside of the main service area, the taxi driver has the right to ask the passenger to pay the fair partially or fully in advance, based on the estimated distance to be travelled. The taxi driver must provide the passenger with a proper receipt for the pre-paid amount. The settlement of the fare for the taxi services shall be made at the end of the journey, based on the taximeter reading.

The taxi driver has the right to refuse to serve a passenger if:

  • The passenger is clearly intoxicated;

  • The passenger is wearing clothes that would make the taxi dirty;

  • The passenger refuses to pre-pay the fare in case of a destination outside of the main service area;

  • The passenger’s behaviour or other circumstances allow the driver to assume that the safety of the driver, the driver’s property or the vehicle is not guaranteed;

  • The passenger wants to transport prohibited items in their luggage or has hand luggage that contains items and substances specified in the prohibited item list. The prohibited items include radioactive, explosive, toxic, caustic, flammable, stinking substances, and items and substances without appropriate packaging, as well as substances and items that would damage the taxi car or make it dirty;

  • The number of passengers exceeds the number of seats stipulated in the vehicle’s  registration certificate;

  • The taxi roof light is not illuminated, except when the taxi is waiting at a taxi stand;

  • If the passenger commits a violation (e.g. commits a public order offence, refuses to pay the fare), the taxi driver has the right to take the passenger to the nearest police station at the passenger’s expense.

  • The mutual agreement of the passenger and the taxi driver is required before windows are opened or the radio is turned on.

  • The passenger’s luggage or other items must not damage the taxi interior or the vehicle itself; also, they must not obstruct the closing of the car boot or be too heavy for the taxi.

  • The passenger is prohibited from damaging the vehicle or the taxi interior, or any equipment or devices installed in the taxi car. The passenger must compensate any damage caused.

  • The passenger’s behaviour towards the taxi driver must be polite.

  • The passenger and the children travelling with the passenger must not disturb the taxi driver while driving or distract the driver from driving.

  • The passenger must make sure that any pets travelling with the passenger do not endanger the safety of the people in the taxi car and do not damage or smear the taxi interior.

  • Passengers are prohibited from smoking inside the taxi car.

  • Passengers are prohibited from asking the taxi driver to break traffic regulations.

  • Passengers are prohibited from damaging the vehicle or its interior. Passengers must compensate any and all damage that they have caused to the vehicle.


Dear customers. 
If you have any complaints about the quality of service in our company, or if you have suggestions for improving the quality of service, please specify them by filling out this form.

Taxi in Tallinn, такси в таллине, takso tallinnas
Taxi in Tallinn, такси в таллине, takso tallinnas
Taxi in Tallinn, такси в таллине, takso tallinnas

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